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"I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature."

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I want to be with you so badly…

But every time I park my car in front of your house, my heart tells me to go home.
My heart tells me its still picking up the pieces, don’t grind what’s left into powder.

And then we spend time together, and it’s like nothing has changed.
Like I still live with you.
Like you still love me…

Then I get in my car to go home.
And my heart weeps.
The powder blows away.
And I am lost…



Did you say clouds and sunsets?

favourite post on this website

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White chocolate pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies 

I will go there
And back again

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The End of Every Assassin's Creed Game

Desmond: what the fuck
Me: what the fuck


What doesn’t kill me should’ve tried harder

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